Monday, December 22, 2008

3D Modeling: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I (6)

Hey guys. I have been a little bit busy with Christmas stuff this days so the progress on the tank was a bit slow, but here is a small update.

Commander's Cupola:

Vision Ports on the sides of the turret:

Will keep working on the tank. The turret is almost finished, well outside at least. Hopefully next update will have all the exterior of the turret done.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Friday, December 19, 2008

3D Modeling: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I (5)

Another small update. Today I added the Gunner's Hatchet. I am still working but I will post the rest tomorrow.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Monday, December 15, 2008

3D Modeling: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I (4)

Small update on the modeling, just added some details on the box and the lifting points on the turret.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

3D Modeling: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I (3)

Day 3 of modeling the Tiger.

Today I fixed some problems with the turret, so now its interior is smoother and also fixed some non planar faces that were looking bad. Modeled the point of the cannon and added some details to its base. Also I modeled the Box that goes in the back of the turret with some details.

Hope you guys like it.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Saturday, December 13, 2008

3D Modeling: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I (2)

Today I worked a little bit more on the Tiger I. I fixed a little bit the grid of the turret and modeled the cannon.....well most of it.

If you want to check the post in CGTalk forums, here is the link:

Remember to post your commentaries, opinions, advice, whatever you want.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Thursday, December 11, 2008

3D Modeling: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I (1)

So I enter the CGTalk Hardcore Modeling Contest. It is called "Cutaway" and the idea is to model something mechanical with all the parts on its interior and present it as a cutaway image, as the title says.

I went a little bit crazy and chose a model a little bit complicated, one of the greatest tanks of all
times, the German Legend: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I.

Here are some images that I will use as reference:

I started the modeling already, with the general shapes of the tank body and turret. I will keep working on it tonight, but here is what I have so far:

Reference planes:

Basic form of the turret:

Turret interior:

Main body + Turret:

Hope you guys like it. Any advice, commentaries or questions are more than appreciated.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Speed Paint: Baby Devil

Other Speed Paint, also for CGTalk Daily sketch Challenge, this one is called "Baby Devil", I actually gave the topic. The time limit for this challenge was 50 mins, I went a little bit more, but I think its worth the extra mins.

I have 2 Pictures as usuall. Enjoy, and post your comments =D:

"Baby Devil" Challenge
50 mins, PS CS3/Wacom:

1h28 mins (88 mins):

I will probably also enter into the Hardcore Modeling challenge of CGTalk, I will post the updates on that, more detailed, as soon as I start on it. I also have to take my computer to mantainance so I wont be able to post for a few days.