Saturday, November 29, 2008

Speed Paint: Mad Doctor

Another speed pain for the Sketch of the Day in CGTalk forums, this one was called "Mad Doctor", this one took a little bit more than the other but was a really cool topic and very entertained to do. The time of the challenge was 55 mins, took me more so I have 2 pictures again. Post your comments at the end of the post =D.

"Mad Doctor" Challenge
55 mins, PS CS3/Wacom:

2h41 mins(161 mins), PS CS3/ Wacom:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Speed Paint: Red Bishop

So I am really into this challenges on CGtalk, I find them really inspiring, or at least those which I think have a cool topic. So, yea, I could let this new challenge named "Red Bishop" pass, I know it seems like I like birds, in fact I do, but this new topic was pure coincidence, I swear.

Even though I made the other one yesterday, I think I have improved a bit...not much, I am still a noob when talking about speed painting, but I am definitely getting better and faster. The time of the challenge was 65mn so I have 2 pics, one inside the timing and a final one; hope you guys like it:

"Red Bishop" Challenge
--RedBishop--65 mins, PS CS3/Wacom:

--RedBishop--1h41 mins(101 mins), PS CS3/Wacom:

Speed Paint: Penguin

Even though I have been busy, I managed to get a few minutes to do a speed paint for one of the -CGtalk Daily Sketch Challenges, called "Snow". I will try to do this challenges from time to time too, since they help me get faster when doing illustrations.

This is my first speed paint ever and also my first illustration entirely done in Photoshop, since I usually do a pencil sketch on paper first. Hope you like it.

"Snow" Challenge
--Penguin--41 mins, PS CS3/Wacom:

Remember to post your comments or requests.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--


Hello guys.

I have been a bit busy this days with work and family stuff so I didn't have enough time to finish the dragon, although I am working on it, slow but steady whenever I have a few minutes. I hope I can get it finished soon.

For now I would like you to visit one of the websites I am working on right now. It is not up yet but you can get to a temporary site to know a little bit more of what it is all about ( in case you are curious)

It is a website for Bruceecuador, an organization that help poor kids that live in the streets of Quito, and prepares them for the future.

I may also get into a project to make an Animation for a TV program, so probably I will have even less time, but I will use any free time left to work on the dragon and other future projects.
I will keep you informed on this animation project too, it will be simple but hopefully very cool.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ilustration: Chimera Dragon (4)

Today I worked a little bit more on the dragon. I painted the Antlers and the right paw.

Here are the screen shots:

I will try to go all out on the rest, If I manage to get enough free time. I will post it as soon as Its done.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ilustration: Chimera Dragon (3)

Today I worked a little bit more on the face and I added the mane ( I think that's how the hair is called); it still need some shadows but I will wait till I get the antlers and maybe even the body so i can get a better view on how the shadows have to go.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ilustration: Chimera Dragon (2)

I finally started with the Dragon, even though I know its better to go all the way and do the entire illustration with the basic colors, then the tones and background and finally the details, I decided to go a different way and do the face first, its more like an experiment to see if I can work with those steps but in parts; hopefully I will not have to fix much at the end. By the way, this is my first "Digital" Illustration, so expect lots of errors, at least till I get used to the Wacom for drawing.

Well, here is what I have so far:

I still have a lot to do and I will update my progress as soon as I can. Don't forget to post your comments.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pixel Art: Dwarf (3)

Today I finished the rest of the dwarf. Here are the screen shots of the process.

Basic Color:



And finally painted the bow and added some details:

Just in case you were wondering, here is my reference image:

I hope you liked it. I am definitely doing more Pixel Art in the future, its is a really cool technique. Please post your commentaries or questions.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pixel Art: Dwarf (2)

So I had some free time today, and I decided to keep working on the Dwarf, and I finished all the outline. Here is some screen shots of the process.

Now It comes the fun part, the painting, I will do this other time, for now, thats it. Post your comments!!!!

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Pixel Art: Dwarf

So, this is my third Entry on the blog, and yup as the title says I have started another project due to a friend request.

I will be jumping between this one and the dragon whenever I have time; I will actually give this one more time since I got really interested after doing a short investigation.

I worked a couple of hours, a bit slow but I just started doing this kind of art (yea that's my excuse). The character is actually a Dwarf Hunter from World of Warcraft game, I wanted to start with something a bit complicated so I have to learn the bad way; hopefully this will make other simple characters/props/scenarios easier in the future; But it is not so complicated to the point I will start getting annoyed, so I don't want to get you people bored, here is what I have with my first hour and a half, or so...

As always, please post your comments, I will keep this and the other projects updated regularly.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ilustration: Chimera Dragon

Ok, so this week I will be working on some websites for a friend, and I will keep all the progress in the Blog so you can give your commentaries, but for now, I will post one of the future projects I have on mind.

I will start working on an Illustration of one of my favorite themes, Chinese Dragons.

Here is the Line Art / Sketch, I hope you like it =D.
It is not a classic Chinese Dragon, I call it Chimera Dragon, since its a mix of a dragon with some other stuff.

Hopefully I will have some time to work on it this week, but the websites are first in the line.

Please post your comments since its really important for me to get your advice and improve.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

Friday, November 7, 2008


Welcome everybody, thanks for visiting this, my Blogspot site.
Bienvenidos todos, gracias por visitar esta, my pagina de Blogspot.

This is the very first of hopefully a lot more entries.
Esta es la primera de muchas entradas.

Let me introduce myself. My name is David Larrea and I am a 3D Modeler and Animator from Quito, Ecuador. I just graduated from College this year and after doing some freelance and a few jobs related to TV and Internet ( Editing mostly ) I have started my journey to get back to the path of 3D Modeling, Animating, and specially the Gaming industry.
Permitanme presentarme. Mi nombre es David Larrea, soy Modelador y Animador 3D; vivo en Quito, Ecuador. Acabo de graduarme de la Universidad este anio, y dspues de haber hecho algunos trabajos freelance para Television e Internet( la mayoria Edicion ), he empezado mi camino de regreso al campo del 3D, Modelado, Animacion y especialmente hacia la industria de los Videojuegos.

This Blog was made to encourage myself to produce more stuff, being this Sketchs, Concept Art, 2D and 3D animation and 3D modeling, also I have plans on doing some other stuff that will include some Flash Games and Maybe some mods, If I get to improve my not so good programming skills.
Este Blog fue hecho para alentarme a mi mismo a producir mas, sean sketchs, Arte conceptual, Animacion 2D y 3D, y Modelado 3D; tambien tengo planes de hacer otras cosas entre las que estaran juegos en Flash y talvez algunos mods, si es que mis habilidades en programacion me lo permiten.

Also this will keep my friends updated on my work and hopefully help me get a Job on the gaming industry or any other Industry were 3D is needed.
Tambien me ayudara a mantener a mis amigos enterados de lo ultimo en mi trabajo y a encontrar un trabajo en la industria de los videojuegos o cualquier otro campo del 3D.

Thanks for reading all this, and welcome again. I will start adding the first projects I am currently working on, and some other media I made in the past months/years; so stay tunned.
Gracias por leer todo esto, y nuevamente, Bienvenidos. Empezare a aniadir los primeros proyectos en los que estoy trabajando y otro material que he hecho en los ultimos meses/anios; asi que mantenganse atentos.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--