Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hello guys.

I have been a bit busy this days with work and family stuff so I didn't have enough time to finish the dragon, although I am working on it, slow but steady whenever I have a few minutes. I hope I can get it finished soon.

For now I would like you to visit one of the websites I am working on right now. It is not up yet but you can get to a temporary site to know a little bit more of what it is all about ( in case you are curious)

It is a website for Bruceecuador, an organization that help poor kids that live in the streets of Quito, and prepares them for the future.

I may also get into a project to make an Animation for a TV program, so probably I will have even less time, but I will use any free time left to work on the dragon and other future projects.
I will keep you informed on this animation project too, it will be simple but hopefully very cool.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

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