Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Speed Paint: Red Bishop

So I am really into this challenges on CGtalk, I find them really inspiring, or at least those which I think have a cool topic. So, yea, I could let this new challenge named "Red Bishop" pass, I know it seems like I like birds, in fact I do, but this new topic was pure coincidence, I swear.

Even though I made the other one yesterday, I think I have improved a bit...not much, I am still a noob when talking about speed painting, but I am definitely getting better and faster. The time of the challenge was 65mn so I have 2 pics, one inside the timing and a final one; hope you guys like it:

"Red Bishop" Challenge
--RedBishop--65 mins, PS CS3/Wacom:

--RedBishop--1h41 mins(101 mins), PS CS3/Wacom:

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