Sunday, February 8, 2009

3D Modeling: PanzerKampfwagen VI : Tiger I (9)

Hello people, I am still working on the Tiger I, I am currently working on the front part of the main body; I think the tread looks good right now, even when I have to correct some stuff for animating it later, but I will just leave it like that 'till I finish the rest.

As for what is new, I added the mud guard pieces to the sides and in the front of the tank. Also added the spare "links" for the tread that go in the front of the tank, plus the bar that keeps them from falling. Added the drivers "window" and the 7.92 mm MG34 machine gun that goes in the front.

I am also posting some renders that didn't upload last time.

Front reworked, added Spare Links:

Drivers view port + 7.92mm Gun:

Remember that commentaries are welcome, as well as advice.

David Larrea (Capi) --Senseicapi--

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